About ME

Let me introduce myself...


My name is Suzanne and I am the Owner/Founder/CEO of Daisy Digital Solutions.
I was born and bred in Liverpool, UK and I am mum to one grown-up daughter.
Aside from being a bit of a ‘Geek’, I am a huge animal lover and have a menagerie of animals whom I have adopted.
I love nature and the environment and do what I can to try to help preserve this planet we live on.

Photograph of Suzanne Donaldson. The founder of Daisy Digital Solutions

My Story

“30 Years in Government Administration was enough for me!”

After leaving secondary school, I went to study business & finance at college, then went on to study AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians), where I gained an Accounting ‘Technician Level’ Qualification (now known as a ‘Level 4  Diploma’ in Accounting).

Once I completed my qualification, I did some freelance book-keeping and accounting, but then my career went in a slightly different direction and I spent 30 years working for HMRC (building up a lot of PAYE and Self Assessment tax knowledge). 

During this time, I discovered I had a love of I.T. (in particular Excel!). 

I spent the last 8 years in HMRC as a Microsoft O365  I.T. Expert and trainer, before leaving, to continue my I.T. career in a different Government Department, then finally decided I had had enough of the corporate world and wanted to start my own business!

I had been considering starting my own Virtual Assistant business for quite a while, using the skills I had learned in my long career in Government and I finally decided to take the plunge!

I initially focussed on providing general admin services to small businesses, but I love learning and self-development and am constantly teaching myself new things, so I decided to have a go at building my own website.  I loved web development so much that I decided to offer this as a service, so after a lot of ‘Googling’ and ‘YouTubing’,  I invested in a web-development course and gained some web-development clients, who have been very happy with my services.

I also recently decided to renew my AAT skills, to offer book-keeping services, which is something I always enjoyed, so I am now working with an accounting practice, who are supporting me with my transition back to book-keeping.  I have become a Xero partner and I have attended 2 ‘Book-keeper Bootcamps’.  
I’m so excited to now be offering book-keeping services again!

Although Book-keeping and web-development are 2 unrelated types of services; whilst I am enjoying them, I will continue to offer both, though in the future, I may need to build a team to help me with some aspects as my business grows.

After toying with several different business names, I was inspired by a comment somebody made about my love of animals, so I decided to name my business after my beloved dog, Daisy who had passed away recently

… and so Daisy Digital Solutions was born!

Red Cocker Spaniel dog sitting in autumn leaves